Banner Happiness

I received my Stamping Up goodies from the soon to be released Holiday Catalog.  I am so excited about the kits, one of which is a banner kit.  I used it to make a banner for our birthday boy in the house.

It was a group effort.  We used the canvas pennants to trace onto the cardstock, sticking with the lime green, black, and silver --we loaded up our spritzers with lottsa ink and splash of rubbing alcohol.  And thus, the fun began.  

After the letters and the backgrounds were sprayed, I used some natural twine to gather it all together.  The SU box that my order came in was perfect for taming the spritz ink...

It was such a fun way to spend an afternoon.  I hung it using washi tape and its color coordinated to fit with our Xbox theme.  Those stencils will get some serious use!  It's another great purchase from Stampin' Up!

Happy Stamping!


  1. Thanks! I wonder if I can get away with using it next year. I'm hoping to have some time to make the "spooky" banner from the holiday catalog. The directions look pretty simple.