Dress Up

SU! Framelits, even more so, Dress Up Framelits are a blast to play and craft until your hearts content. I've been loving the All Dressed stamp set as well.  I've bought the framelits without buying the coordinating stamp set and I must say that was a mistake, ie Hearts of Flutter.  Disaster and not much fun.

If they sell it, try to get it all at once.  Trust me.  Or you'll wind up wishing you had the lily pad jumbo wheel to match unfrogettable, still. 

I am going to attempt to make some art.  Watch out!  This could get messy.  I already have glitter all over the crafting table.

The glitter was a complete fail, I'm guessing that my 2-way glue pen was old.  I didn't get a clean, glittered image.  I wound up with spots without glitter ...  Do over.

This is what I wound up with...  I'm still making dresses.  I even pulled out an old SU! Hostess set called Fashion Statements.

Gotta stamp some hangers.  

Have a blessed day!

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