I got started creating handmade invitations a LONG time ago.  I think they are fun to make and I've always loved the comments moms have made to me after their child has received an invite.  One recipient had to RSVP "no" but had to call and tell me how darn cute the invite was.  Back then, my son was turning three.  

Where does the time go?

He's turning 12 in a few weeks.  

He had some criteria that involves playing the Xbox (last years birthday gift) and some of his favorite gamers in attendance.  That was totally doable.  

I thought of the guy colors, and came up with

Basic Grey
Old Olive
Basic Black

Embellishments?  Hmmm

Thanks to my husband (it's a group effort) we decided to include a creeper from Minecraft.  I think that would work.  

No ribbon.
No scallops.
No pink.
No fun (just kidding)

White Gel Pen?  Absolutely.

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